New York Day 2

Success! As in, How to Succeed in Getting Daniel Radcliffe’s Autograph after watching How to Succed in Business Without Really Trying, starring Harry Potter. I mean, Daniel Radcliffe. Elizabeth and I went to the show tonight and I must say, I disagree with the NYTimes. I thought it was great: lively, happy, full of energy (except for a couple of musical numbers that dragged) and a whole lot of fun. We had excellent seats, given that we bought them about two weeks ago: we were at the end of Row G in the mezzanine, a kind of front row about one-fifth of the way up in the massive balcony. There were no seats in front of us, just an aisle, so we had plenty of foot room and no heads in our way. It also made it easier to escape when the show ended, to claim a space at the barricades by the stage door.

I was shocked at how quickly the area filled up. It must have been 10 deep, at least, on either side, plus there were a whole ton of people watching from across the street. We kept getting squashed as more people came, but Elizabeth was in the front row so when Daniel Radcliffe finally did emerge, after nearly a half hour, she was able to get his autograph and take a picture with her cell phone. (The camera died waiting for him…) And he seemed quite nice and obliging. But I was happy to get out of there: it was scary how many people were pushing behind us. At a couple of points, while waiting, I actually couldn’t move both of my arms because people were pressed so close.

Earlier in the day the kids and I took William and Teddy to Prospect Park. The kids all ran around and kicked a makeshift soccer ball, and I supervised. Basically that meant telling Elizabeth and Noah to chase William and Teddy if they ran too far away. The kids had so much fun they begged Noah not to go into the city this afternoon, so Elizabeth, Bridget, Amy, and our friend Jay (visiting from Long Island) made the trip on the Q train.

We went to a couple of home decor stores, but I’ll get into that tomorrow. Now I must go to sleep. I am exhausted!


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