Last supper in La Cote

Mathilde greets us as we head up the hill to her house for dinner

Last night was our last in La Cote — we leave today for Lyon. Mathilde (the mother of Augustin, who with his wife owns the house where we’ve stayed the past five nights) invited us for supper. We sat in her garden.

The dining room at Maison Mathilde

The garden overlooks a cow pasture, where three of the cows were having a game of tag with a chicken

Or maybe they were playing chase-the-chicken, in which case the chicken won

Meanwhile, we were looked down upon by the billy goats up the hill.

Mathilde made us a lovely supper: crackers and salami, meat pies, salad, cold meats, goat cheese topped with cream from Normandy, and poached pears with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. About halfway through the meal, we were treated to a goat parade. Jean-Francoise, the farmer who lives next to Mathilde, was leading the goats down from the woods to put them into the barn for the night. Noah called it a “mi-goat-ion.”


One last look — and then, au revoir


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